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CO-Clean 100

CO-Clean 100 is a simple, fast acting, environmentally safe, low dose oxidizing chemistry that clarifies any type of dirty water for surface or downhole use. Its selective oxidation characteristics effectively removes all sulphur bearing constituents (H2S, FeS) to a completely soluble sulphate form. It creates no interference with any associated chemistry being utilized, and will not form residual by-products or sediments.


CO-Hib is a concentrated blend of specialized additives for use in oilfield systems where fouling and deposits of iron compounds are of primary concern. CO-Hib is proven effective in lab and field applications to inhibit the formation of problematic species such as Iron Sulphide and Iron Oxide – in addition to offering substantial contributions to scale control.


CO-Gel is a fast hydrating emulsion polymer to be used as a combination friction reducer/gellant for water based drilling, and completion fluid applications. CO-Gel was designed for rapid viscosity development when used as a viscosifying agent, while effectively reducing surface pump pressure and tubular drag reduction. CO-Gel readily disperses in fresh water, high TDS brines, and recycled fluid systems containing traces of hydrocarbon, thereby reducing the need to have multiple polymer systems available.


CO-Lube is an esters based lubricant designed for a wide variety of water based drilling and completion fluids, including brines, formates, and high calcium/magnesium flowback waters. Optimum downhole metal lubrication can be realized while maintaining excellent compatibility with all common water based additives. CO-Lube is designed as an environmentally friendly lubricant for reducing metal pipe friction coefficients, and wall sticking through continuous addition or batch applications.


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