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Solvents & Acids


CO-Sol is a unique, customized solvent blend that can be used on its own, or with stimulating fluids such as acids. It has been designed to account for the typical properties expected from a solvent system such as paraffin and asphaltene dissolution, but also has very high water wetting characteristics to alleviate ‘oil-wetting’ formation damage commonly associated with oil producing wellbores. In addition, CO-Sol incorporates a unique blend of surfactants to help keep the formation face water wet and ensure continued production or injection.


CO-Acid is a completely inhibited, pre-blended, multi-component acid system designed for use in production optimization and stimulation applications. The uniquely designed acid blend and additives used result in an extremely versatile system that has all the desirable properties of any acid system available on the market today. Due to the synergistic effect of the multiple inorganic and organic acids incorporated many of the typical damaging properties associated with high strength acids are alleviated. CO-Acid can be customized on-demand to suit any specific application or formation as required.